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Release Date: April 10, 2019

Lyrics and Music: Lara Manzanares
Producers: Lara Manzanares & Jono Manson
Lara Manzanares (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano)
Mark Clark (Drums)
Justin Bransford (Upright Bass)
Jono Manson (Electric Guitar)
Jordan Wax (Violin)

Recorded and Mixed by Jono Manson at The Kitchen Sink Studios in Santa Fe, NM
Mastered by David Glasser, Airshow Mastering, Boulder CO

Cover Design: Lara Manzanares
Cover Photo: Reece Martinez



Land Baby wins Album of the Year!

Land Baby had a big night at the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards, bringing home two trophies: Album of the Year and Best Package Design! (Photos by Alexandra Rose, Package Design by Lara Manzanares)

I had a blast performing at the music awards with Jono Manson (who also played on, produced, and recorded Land Baby), Noah Martinez, and Rafael Herrera, with my family gathered to share the moment with me. I was honored to meet and share the stage with so many talented artists. The full list of nominees and winners is posted at To hear to tracks from the winning album, scroll down and listen in the music player below.


Music and Lyrics by Lara Manzanares
Produced by Jono Manson
Recorded and Mixed by
Jono Manson at The Kitchen Sink Studios
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering

LARA MANZANARES (lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar, shaker on Lobito, footfalls and insect noises on Land Baby), JONO MANSON (lead electric guitar, background vocals), MARK CLARK (percussion), JUSTIN BRANSFORD (bass), JORDAN WAX (violin on Writing Letters), CHAR ROTHSCHILD (trumpet on El Poeta, accordion and trumpet on Borderlands), RAFAEL HERRERA (cowbell on Lobito), RAQUEL COVARRUBIAS (guiro on Lobito), FELIX PERALTA (lead electric guitar on Lobito)

Lara Manzanares Album of the Year
Lara Manzanares Album of the Year Award.jpg
Lara Manzanares Music Awards Performance.jpg


"Singer-songwriter Lara Manzanares won best album honors at this year's New Mexico Music Awards for her album Land Baby. Here she carries out her mission with focus and drive, employing a voice both powerful and emotive, backed by instrumental conceits that reflect her deep, desert-borne connection to la tierra in Nuevo Mexico. From simple constructions like "Census Song" to more fleshed out produce such as "Rapunzel," Manzanares' voice shimmers, shines and soothes. Her backing band is top-notch too; the recording is as shockingly clear as a summer, star-strewn night out in the wilderness. (...) ... her range is magnificent and her overall tone as pure as the land itself."

– The Weekly Alibi, June 28 2018

(Translated from Dutch):
"In addition to being very beautiful and very varied with both folk and Spanish-language songs, Lara Manzanares's new album Land Baby is also particularly relevant to the discussion on migration. (...) Lara Manzanares proves herself to be a strong singer with beautiful light-footedness and melancholy in her voice. (...) Wonderful is the melancholic 'Loss' and the rocking sixties-like 'Love in the City'. A highlight is 'Borderlands', which is a sensitive song, with beautiful trumpet and accordion work by Rothschild. (...) ... an album as a plea for a bridge and against a wall."

– Richard Wagenaar,
Full Review in Dutch:

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Hard Copies Also Available!

The album includes a fold-out cover and lyrics booklet with Spanish/English translations of all the tracks, and won an award for Best Package Design at the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards. You can pick one up at the the locations listed below, or order yours online from 

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