VIDEO: Lara Manzanares and her band's full performance at the New Mexico Music Awards. (Includes two songs with their accompanying stories; full run-time is about 10 minutes.) Musicians, L-R: Jono Manson (electric guitar), Rafael Herrera (percussion), Lara Manzanares (vocals and acoustic guitar), Noah Martínez (electric bass).


"Love in the City," at the Santa Fe Bandstand. Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Lara Manzanares. Backup Vocals: Lia Martínez. Percussion: Mark Clark. Bass: Justin Bransford. Electric Guitar: Randy Sánchez

FILM: Nasario Remembers the Río Puerco

I was lucky to be invited to collaborate with New Mexico traditional super-group Lone Piñon on the song "Indita del Río Puerco," an original composition by Jordan Wax with lyrics by Shebana Coehlo. The song is based on childhood stories of New Mexico's Río Puerco Valley as told by Nasario García in Coehlo's film "Nasario Remembers the Río Puerco." Our recording of the song is featured at the end of the film, which was aired twice on PBS and screened in theaters throughout the Southwestern United States and in Spain. To learn more about the film, please visit .


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