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"Singer-songwriter Lara Manzanares won best album honors at this year's New Mexico Music Awards for her album Land Baby. Here she carries out her mission with focus and drive, employing a voice both powerful and emotive, backed by instrumental conceits that reflect her deep, desert-borne connection to la tierra in Nuevo Mexico. From simple constructions like "Census Song" to more fleshed out produce such as "Rapunzel," Manzanares' voice shimmers, shines and soothes. Her backing band is top-notch too; the recording is as shockingly clear as a summer, star-strewn night out in the wilderness. (...) ... her range is magnificent and her overall tone as pure as the land itself."

– August March | The Weekly Alibi, June 28 2018




(Translated from Dutch):
"In addition to being very beautiful and very varied with both folk and Spanish-language songs, Lara Manzanares's new album Land Baby is also particularly relevant to the discussion on migration. (...) Lara Manzanares proves herself to be a strong singer with beautiful light-footedness and melancholy in her voice. (...) Wonderful is the melancholic 'Loss' and the rocking sixties-like 'Love in the City'. A highlight is 'Borderlands', which is a sensitive song, with beautiful trumpet and accordion work by Rothschild. (...) ... an album as a plea for a bridge and against a wall."

– Richard Wagenaar |
Full Review in Dutch:



"Lara Manzanares: Un Puente Musical" / "Lara Manzanares: A Musical Bridge"

Bilingual Podcast: KUNM 89.9 - Raíces

"Desde la poesía traviesa y naïf de “Lobito” al compromiso social expresado en “Borderlands”, Lara Manzanares manifiesta una profunda empatía con las gentes que -más que nunca- requieren una caricia al alma." /////  "From naughty poetry to the naive of "Lobito" her commitment to society expressed in "Borderlands", Lara Manzanares manifests a profound empathy with the people that require their soul caressed."

– Christina Baccin, KUNM Radio

Note: For licensing reasons, the full-length songs from the album that were broadcast on the air have been shortened to clips for the podcast. The live renditions, however, are included in full. 


"Lara Manzanares To Debut 'Land Baby' "

Tempo Magazine

"... With 12 songs in “Land Baby,” Manzanares conveys a richness in English and Spanish that delves deeply into the heart of New Mexico’s land and people.

“Land Baby” is about movement, Manzanares states, not only physical and geographical movement, but also emotional and cultural. She says she was “raised on a ruggedly beautiful but isolated sheep ranch in Northern New Mexico, with my parents’ 1960s and ‘70s folk and rock record collection to keep me company. I grew up hearing both English and Spanish and speaking Spanglish. The stories, customs, and traditions of my childhood were rooted in the distinct culture of Northern New Mexico: A deeply complex mixture of Old-World Spanish, Mexican, Native American and Anglo-American ways of being, all held together by a deep connection to the land.”

– Tempo Magazine | Taos, NM